Christmas and New Year Outfits

Christmas and New Year always bring with them the hustle and bustle, worries, pleasant duties and mood, which is inherent only in this holiday. Have you forgotten to choose for yourself the outfit in which you will celebrate this amazing day? We tried to save the day for you by choosing an evening dress. So, let's start choosing the dress of your dreams. 

Evening dress

Evening dress according to the figure 

New Year gives every woman the opportunity to show her beauty and show off in the most beautiful clothes from the whole wardrobe. It is clear that the dress must be perfect in all respects, especially the combination of style and figure of the owner. 

So, we choose an evening dress for a New Year's party according to the type of figure. 

For curved figures, you can not choose a tight dress that fits snugly to the body. But the chosen dress can not be too loose - no need to hide chic shapes behind hoods. 

Good examples are sheath dresses and sheath dresses with a semi-fitting silhouette that emphasizes everything that needs to be emphasized. 

For a pear-shaped (triangular) figure it is necessary to choose such outfits which add volume in the upper part of the body and remove extra centimeters in the lower part. At the same time, the thin waist should be emphasized. 

New Year's evening dress with puff sleeves 

Ideal are models with an American arm or cut on the side, drawing attention to the shoulders or chest. Draperies, designs, buffs, ruffles are important elements that create the necessary volume. Bolero or capes would be a good addition. 

With broad shoulders and narrow thighs, on the contrary, volume should be added in the hips. A-line and Empire style outfits will come to the rescue. Frills, draperies, peplums and fluffy skirts, such as balloon skirts, are indispensable. 

Wide shoulders will visually reduce the V-neck. Square neckline and straps are not desirable. 

When the shoulders and thighs are narrow, the first step is to emphasize the waist. All decorative elements-beads, sequins, appliques are yours. Ideally, you want to create volume both above and below. 

For short girls, designers have created short models of evening dresses of all variations. Bright colours and short skirt is the one for those beauties. 

The skirt should be straight or slightly ruffled. Large pattern and intricate cut should be discarded. 

White evening dress 

Floor-length dresses are also allowed if the skirt covers the heel and the silhouette is snug. 

If you add high heels to the image, no one will notice your small stature, and you will forget about this small feature of your design. 

Evening dress

Evening dress to the floor 

You need to pay attention not only to the characteristics of the figure when choosing an evening dress for yourself. There are a number of different shades that can help you find the perfect dress. 

We have selected for you a list of tips, following which it is easy to become the queen of New Year's Eve: 

When choosing clothes, it is worth starting from the shape of the upcoming event. An evening dress is traditionally presented with a maxi length, but it will not suit every girl and is not suitable for every occasion. The length of the dress should be in harmony with your complexion - this is the first thing. And secondly, it depends on the place of the celebration. For a club party, it would be nice to wear a cocktail dress instead of a long evening dress, which, although it looks chic, still brings stiffness to the movement. 

You should not choose a suit with pants, even if you do not recognize other clothes in everyday life. Surprise others with your new image, filled with completely new emotions for you. 

Do not follow fashion trends. First of all, you need to take into account the characteristics specific to your body type. 

Playing with contrasts and choosing unusual colors often leads to the most unpredictable and amazing results. Carefully study your color type - this will help you choose the color of your clothes according to the shade of your hair or the color of your eyes. A bold and eccentric outfit should be softened by a more modest hairstyle, a minimum of jewelry and soft makeup. 

For example, if your choice fell on a stunning and simply unrealistically beautiful dress in the color of noble red wine, then modestly styled hair and unpretentious makeup created by the general tones of your image will look good. 

In the family circle, many celebrate the New Year without much confusion about the choice of clothing. The most appropriate in this case will be restraint, tradition, a slight hint of the evening dress code. The length is short or mussels. 

Evening dress for the holiday with the family 

All this is good, useful and necessary for every girl to know, but above all it is necessary to listen to your heart and feel the body. Whatever the elegant outfit, it should still be comfortable and at the same time madly in love above all with you, and then with everyone else. 

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